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With rich experience in consumer protection for last 20 years, we can offer you affordable legal services at the comfort of your home using digital technology. Most of our services are online and you will not have to run to courts to get your complaints redressed. Unethical builders as well as greedy lawyers take advantage of your ignorance and take you for granted. We are a bridge to your complaint and your successful judgement.

We help you to fight your case under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

Don’t give up your hard earned money if any builder or real estate agent has cheated you. You can easily get full refund if your flat was not delivered against advance payment. RERA has empowered the consumers against cheaters in real estate field.

We help you to file your complaint under RERA against any builder or real estate agent/broker operating in there states:


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Non-compliance with RERA rules will attract penalties for all stakeholders including developers, promoters, agents and buyers.

Here is a brief account of penalties involved in various cases –

How does RERA plan to handle project delays?



What are the mandates pertaining to structural defects in the project?


The promoter will have to rectify any structural defects, caused by poor workmanship, quality or provision of services, brought into notice within five years from the date of possession. The rectification would not attract any additional charges from allottees and will have to be carried out within a span of 30 days from the date of filing of the complaint. Failure to do so will entitle the allottees to seek relevant compensation as mentioned in the Act.


Will the allottee be penalised in case of delayed payments?


In case of a delay in payment from the allottee, the Act enforces similar stringent action. The allottee will be liable to pay a similar monthly interest as compensation to the promoter if they default in making timely instalments. Continued violations post-issuance of a notice give the promoter a right to terminate the allotment of property and refund the amount collected after deducting booking amount and interest.

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